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This is the official page of the racing kart driver Jonas Weber.
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Information about the 2020 season

Here is some information about how my racing season 2020 will look like.

Racing Team 2020

In the 2020 season I will compete for the Dischner Racing Team in an OTK Exprit Racing Kart.

Class 2020

In 2020 Saison I will compete in the X30 Junior class of the Iame brand.

Racing Series 2020

In the 2020 season I will compete in the West German ADAC Kart Championship and in races of the Iame Series Benelux.

About me

Here is some information about me in private.
  • I go to the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Trier
  • I am 14 years old
  • My hobbies are kart driving, fitness, programming and website development
  • I live near Trier, Germany

You want to be my sponsor?

Then please contact me by clicking on the "Contact me" button. Sponsors will be prominently displayed on the kart, mentioned in all race reports & reviews and highlighted in all Instagram contributions

Our Team

Christian Dischner

Team leader from Dischner Racing

Christian Dischner is the leader of the Dischner Racing Team, always supports us on the track and during races and is also my coach for track line and the Kart Setup.

Jonas Weber


I am one of the drivers of the Dischner Racing Team. But I also work on the kart myself, both on the race track and at home. I also set up my own kart.

Walter Weber


Walter Weber is my father and also my mechanic and he always stands behind me. He runs (automobile) racing himself and also drives karting occasionally.

Marc Feilen


Marc Feilen is my coach for the kart setup and the track line. He shows me how to drive on new tracks and he shows me a good setups for my kart on new tracks.